LHM Dodge Ram Avondale Commercial Department
Section 179 Deduction Information

What is the Section 179 Tax Deduction?
Allows business owners to: PURCHASE - DEDUCT - SAVE!

Step 1, Purchase big ticket items such as vehicles, office eqipment, software & machinery before Dec. 31st. Step 2, Deduct up to $1.16 million in equipment costs (with a $2.89 million spending cap). Step 3, Find out how it applies to you. See how much you can save!

THE EQUIPMENT YOU NEED: The LHM Dodge Ram Avondale Commercial Department has the work trucks you need, now. They are work-ready, on-lot, and ready to start making you more money. Our Commercial Team Members are here to help you find the right truck for the right price. Plus, we at the Dodge Ram Avondale Commercial Department deliver nationwide. That's right! We will transport your purchased Ram work truck to your yard or job site.

THE DEDUCTION YOU LOVE: With qualifying Section 179 & Section 168 "Bonus Depreciation" vehicle purchases you will be able to take advantage of the 60% deduction this year.* Call your favorite salesperson now or (623) 323-1084.

*Of course we are not the Tax Experts, so you will have to check with your tax people to see exactly what you qualify for.

1. Pick out the truck

2. Buy the truck

3. We ship the truck

Make the Call: (623) 323-1084